Management of Intellectual Property

Enterprises working at the forefront of technology continually expand their patent portfolios to maintain market dominance. It is not only necessary for them to remain on the forefront of their core specialization but also remain equally vigilant about the growing competition from known and unknown quarters.

The promoters of have excellent technical knowledge, wealth of experience in technology development and commercialization and well versed with patent drafting. Understanding the nuances of techno-legal jargon of complex technologies is a specialty of our key experts. We are keen to apply our knowledge to promote your innovations comprising of new products and processes from inception untill these are ready for commercial exploitation, and to protect your intellectual property from unauthorized imitation by competitors.

Realization of intellectual property in its various ramifications as business asset requires deep understanding and awareness of legal provisions of securing them. This is best done in the hands of professionals who are continuously watching the patent scenario in different fields both at micro and macro level and can sensitize your business and R&D personnel to protect, exploit and manage all forms of intellectual property in your hands.

Our expertise extends to the entire range of natural sciences and technology. We represent inventions from the following fields:

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